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Internet Consultants aren't just for big companies

I’m going to email you a free PDF to print and read that will give you a running start. It contains information on how to correctly set up Google Analytics as well as setting up tracking in the major Ecommerce stores. These are the tools we use to measure success.

Lets get started...

That's me

That's me

Give me a call and lets talk about increasing your sales.

Consultant is a scary word isn’t it? They sound expensive and that only big companies can afford them.

What would happen if a smaller company, or even a single individual needed help? I can help you and It’s not that expensive at all.

What can I help with?

  • Making a website that sells a service
  • The correct way to do Ecommerce
  • Making Facebook pages sell your products
  • How to do Twitter advertising profitably
  • Google pay-per-click advice
  • Finding a web designer that wont rip you off.
  • Finding you hosting that fits your business without being too slow or overkill for your website.


Why do you need help?

  • Making mistakes online is expensive and time consuming
  • Your competitors are streaming ahead and you are left behind
  • I’ve had 10 years of experience converting browsers to buyers and I’m very good at it.
  • You deserve better than a mediocre website.
  • Saving money on unnecessary services.

Together we can give your service or products a much needed boost online. There are no tricks involved, no fancy hacking or evil techniques. I can give you my own experience and skills to make you shine on the web much brighter than your competitors.

I’m going to do something most other consultants don’t do as well. I’m going to tell you how much per hour I cost up front, no extras, no hidden charges. Each hour we work together I will charge £25. There are no contracts and you can have as many (or as few) hours as you need. I might save you thousands on a mistake buying services or spending your hard earned money on something that may not help.

I’m here to help. Your business isn’t too small for a consultant. Get in touch.

Lets get started...